BCC Versilia Highlight


Some Chairart chairs are exhibited at Mobilart - Home in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana.


Festival d'Autunno al Ciocco


Chairart 2017 in Barga

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Why chairs?

We have chosen the humble dining chair as the catalyst for inspiring the theme of this exhibition. The abundancy of dining chairs is a particular feature of the area we live in. Stored away in cantinas and store rooms of most houses these chairs await the next call to the table for feast or family gathering. Whether impromptu or planned well in advance, gathering around the table to eat drink and make merry is surely an intrinsic feature of our local cultural heritage in which the humble dining chair plays a key role.

"A chair for everyone"

Inevitably there are always more chairs than demand requires and a treasure trove of neglected chairs, some masterpieces of the craftsmanship of their time, is waiting to be uncovered. We have located just a few, and after some restoration have distributed them amongst friends to rejuvenate them using the style of an artist of note or simply following personal inspiration.

"Change your chair enhance your life”