BCC Versilia Highlight


Some Chairart chairs are exhibited at Mobilart - Home in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana.


Festival d'Autunno al Ciocco


Chairart 2017 in Barga

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Context and motivation

The object of the exhibition, the chair, was chosen as the tool for creative expression. An object that is common to the lives of all and chosen also to involve a wider public that often find contemporary art bewildering.

One of the main objectives of this exhibition is to encourage greater participation and real involvement in the world of art, and in particular, the re-awakening of a creativity that has roots in the communities in which we live.

Our intention is to continue to establish similar initiatives guided by the same principles and values. We aim to give a new face to items that often go unnoticed in our lives which are precipitated by modernity.

Chairart has put forward many ideas in the years since it’s inception. Chairs have also been accompanied by works based on windows and suitcases and there remains a wealth of opportunity for continued local participation and not just for practicing artists.